Our Team

Justin Blankenship

Lead Pastor

Pastor Justin has been the Lead Pastor of  Landmark Church since 2008! He and Sarah McElvany were married in October of 2018. Pastor Justin is very passionate about sharing the gospel with those here at the church and throughout the community! Sarah is preganant and their baby boy will arrive in late 2019.

Ethan Sellers

Executive Pastor

Pastor Ethan came on staff at Landmark Church in the fall of 2015. He is married to Renee and they have two daughters. Pastor Ethan grew up in Oklahoma and gave his life to the Lord when he was a Senior in high school. He graduated from Southwestern Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies.

Corbin Austin

Youth Pastor

Corbin has recently been added to our team here at Landmark. Pastor Corbin grew up in Oklahoma and has a passion for leading others to Christ. He graduated from Southwestern Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Literature.

Ashley Stephens

Administrative Assistant

Ashley has been attending Landmark for several years. She will most likely be the one to answer any phone calls or emails you make towards the church. She does a great job representing the church.

Renee Sellers

Landmark Kidz Pastor

Renee serves as the Pastor of our children’s ministry Landmark Kidz. She has a degree in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Christian University. Renee and her husband, Pastor Ethan, came to Landmark Church in 2015. They are proud parents of Opal Grace and Lucy Joy.

Arleen Blanchard

Nursery Director

Arleen directs the Nursery part of Landmark Kids. Arleen and her family have been attending Landmark Church for over eighteen years. Arleen also volunteers in many other ministries within the church along with singing on the worship team.

Brittney Thompson

Worship Pastor

Brittney leads our worship team. She has a heart for worshipping the Lord and we are blessed to be led in worship by her each week.

David & Samantha Sikes

Connect Group Directors

David and Samantha serve as the Directors of our Connect Groups. They are passionate about everyone at the church being connected. David works as the Girls Basketball Coach for Purcell High School and Samantha teaches 5th Grade. They are the proud parents of two kids, Karolina and Oakley.