What are Connect Groups and why do they exist?

Connect Groups are small groups of people that meet up twice a month at a designated location for multiple reasons. A few reasons include fellowship, the opportunity to eat together, and pray together. They exist in order for us to remain connected as our church continues to grow.

Want to try a group out or do you have questions?

Below you will see the groups that are offered. If you are interested in trying a group out, please contact the group pastor or the group assistants. Once you contact them, any questions you may have will be answered. 

sikes GROUP

Group Pastors

David & Samantha Sikes

Contact: 580-399-2699

Group Assistants

Ethan & Renee Sellers

Contact: 405-924-7335


Group Pastor

Pam McNeely

Contact: 405-428-2007

Group Assistant

Charlotte Behne

Contact: 580-651-5978

johnson GROUP

Group Pastors

Bryan & Amberlea Johnson

Contact: 405-408-1845

Group Assistants

Josh & Olivia Blanchard

Contact: 405-550-4249

walters GROUP

Group Pastor

Ray Walters

Contact: 405-414-7324

Group Assistants

Wayne & Eva Lewis

Contact: 405-401-5617


Group Pastor

Lara Stingley

Contact: 580-272-7918

Group Assistant

Kim Barnes

Contact: 405-421-5855

Group Assistant

Mark Rillema

Contact: 405-496-5954

Stephens group

Group Pastors

Dwayne & Ashley Stephens

Contact: 405-464-6685

Group Assistants

Cody & Amber McAnally

Contact: 405-640-8646