What are Connect Groups and why do they exist?

Groups of people that meet up at designated locations twice a month to fellowship is what Connects Groups are. The reason these groups exist is so you can connect with others. We believe we weren’t created to do life alone. Having others to do life with makes life a little bit easier.

Want more information or try a group?

After looking over the groups below and you are ready to take the next step, let us know! The way you can let us know what you want to do is by contacting one of the phone numbers listed by names of the group pastors or assistants.

sikes GROUP

Group Pastors

David & Samantha Sikes

Contact: 580-399-2699

Group Assistants

Ethan & Renee Sellers

Contact: 405-924-7335

carter GROUP

Group Pastors

Gary & Peggy Carter

Contact: 405-650-5922

Group Assistant

Pam McNeely

Contact: 405-428-2007

johnson GROUP

Group Pastors

Bryan & Amberlea Johnson

Contact: 405-408-1845

Group Assistants

Josh & Olivia Blanchard

Contact: 405-550-4249

walters GROUP

Group Pastor

Ray Walters

Contact: 405-414-7324

Group Assistants

Wayne & Eva Lewis

Contact: 405-401-5617

Thompson GROUP – youth age

Group Pastor

Brittney Thompson

Contact: 405-694-9276

Group Assistant

Lara Stingley

Contact: 580-272-7918

Stephens group

Group Pastors

Dwayne & Ashley Stephens

Contact: 405-464-6685

Group Assistants

Cody & Amber McAnally

Contact: 405-640-8646